All products Digiò are made using a manufacturing process of high quality certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001. Here are the conditions of guarantee.


The wooden structure is guaranteed for ten years from manufacturing defects under normal household. Padding , pillows, mattresses and mechanisms of metal are guaranteed for two years from manufacturing defects under normal household use: Any softening of padding cushions and seating is normally due to the use of the product over time. The leather is guaranteed for two years under normal household. Sofa Italia warrants its leather trim are made of genuine leather to 100%. The presence of differences in texture, folds, natural sings (eg scars), tone differences, are normal and typical for a natural product. These characteristics certify and express the naturalness and beauty of genuine leather, making the product totally unique and original.


This guarantee excluded from the normal wear of the product. This guarantee does not cover damage caused by things, animals, people or misuse and or inadequate maintenance of the product. In this case of leather, confirmed that dealing of nature product reacts naturally with exposure to heat. Light sources, chemicals, solvents, inks, dyes, bodily fluids, and therefore any changes due to these causes are not covered by this guarantee.


This guarantee is valid only for the first buyer (finally consummator) and refers to the first delivery address (the first buyer). Elasted from the purchase the terms above mentioned, the guarantee ceases to exist, and any requests for assistance, following the said terms will be provide only on payment.
If the costumer finds a defect covered by this guarantee, he should contact the retailer, show a valid receipt for a purchase (invoice or receipt), and he should also provide sofa and will provide an exhaustive and objective description of the problem the availability of images/photos representative of the problem, you can speed the process for resolving the complaint. Previous verification by its own responsibility, the manufacturer will perform surgery on the product considered most appropriate to the type of problem. It identical materials are unavailable, the manufacturer will use substitute materials of identical quality. Producer responsibility is limited to the fullest exited of the value of the product. This is the only guarantee recognized as valid by the manufacturer value of the purchased product.