2021 Growth Leader

Creation Italia Srl is ranked 133rd among the 450 Italian companies considered “2021 Growth Leader” by Il Sole 24 ore and Statista on the basis of the increase in revenues recorded between 2016 and 2019.

An excellent result for the Incanto Italia brand company which, thanks to strong motivation and daily diligence, stands out for its excellent financial results and finds in this further recognition an incentive to continue its growth path started years ago, made of passion for design and fine-tuning
of increasingly advanced products positioned in trendy collections.

Its team always at the forefront and the loyalty of its customers allow it every day to realize there is always more to achieve and to be able to meet the challenges of the future with the spirit of a small and modest company capable of competing at European level.

Fastest Growing Company in Europe - 2016/2019

Creation Italia Srl continues its growth and has been confirmed as on of the fastest growing companies in Europe with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 63,8% in revenues between the years 2016 and 2019.

After being also included in the “Statista” and “Il Sole 24 Ore” rankings of the top 2021 growth leaders, Creation Italia Srl gains another high recognition with the publication of the International “FT 1000 – Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies” ranking, while half of the European firms have experienced a decline in revenues and profits in the last 12 months and do not expect any increase in the next year.

With 269 listed companies, Italy is the country with the largest numbers of firms in the list. This is an excellent achievement for those who, like us in the Creation Italia family, invest in clear innovation and development of Made in Italy products and services following new market demands and the unfortunate pandemic.

2021 Champion of Growth - German Quality Institute ITQF

Creation Italia Srl is among the top 50 Italian companies that are awarded the “Growth Champion” award drawn up by the German Institute for Quality and Finance.

Creation Italia Srl was awarded the “Growth Champion” award for the increase in revenues recorded between 2016 and 2019, ranking among the top 50 companies for the greatest expansion in Italy. Specifically, the Apulian company ranks 33rd out of 400 companies that have driven the recovery in the three-year period, with an average annual growth rate of 63.9% and a number of employees more than doubled (from 19 to 42).

The result represents an important confirmation for Creation Italia Srl, awarded as one of the excellences of the Italian economy which, despite a very difficult macroeconomic framework, records a remarkable development and fervent dynamism since it has always aimed to grow and pursuing two values: quality and innovation. For years, in fact, the company has guaranteed and promoted Made in Italy to its retailers and customers around the world, with a great know-how pillar of its mission.

The “Champion of Growth” survey, now in its third edition and published in the economic weekly La Repubblica Affari & Finanza, is drafted by the Institute of the German Institute of Quality and Finance, a European leader in market research.

With 2020, a new phase of expansion and development has opened for Creation Italia Srl to be implemented also through the launch of new partnerships with world-renowned designers such as Karim Rashid and Frans Schrofer.

With these projects, the company is set to face an increasingly dynamic 2021 full of interesting challenges.